About Us

Who we are

KIA Northcliff is a car dealership located in northeast Johannesburg, with a speciality for selling new KIA vehicles and used cars from a variety of motoring brands. We offer several pre-sale and after-sale services to our clients, with maintenance, finance and part-sourcing all done in-house by our staff.

Where to find us

If you’re in the Northcliff area, head to our dealership on the corner of Beyers Naude Drive and Monkor Road. Our latest new and used vehicles are ready to be viewed as well as test driven from this location. Our staff are ready to assist.

Give us a call

KIA Northcliff is happy to extend our warmest welcome to anyone in the area that is looking to buy, sell, maintain or repair a car. We’re confident in our abilities and hope to save you time, money and effort when you choose to use us.